The Two Rivers Museum features a rotating Exhibit Room, where we change exhibits from time to time.

Currently we are featuring items from the Farrell and Eddy Store, located in Camas from 1903 until 1998. The Farrell Building, still standing today next to the historic Liberty Theater on 4th Avenue, was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2006. It was built by John Roffler, a noted Camas house builder and craftsman.

Charles (Charlie) Farrell was the first registered voter in Camas, arriving from Kansas as a young man of 22 in 1891.

Charlie met Ursula “Rose” Roffler (sister of John Roffler) while both worked at the Paper Mill in Camas.

Married in 1901, they purchased the Glenn Ranck General Store in Camas in 1903.

Rose Farrell loved quality things and wanted to give the women of the town what they couldn’t get elsewhere in the area. Besides groceries, the store sold yard goods, notions, shoes, gifts and millinery, her specialty.

One of the most popular of Rose’s millinery items were her hats. There was so much demand for her modish hats that she had to hire a full time trimmer. It wasn’t long before Rose’s younger sister, Anna Roffler Eddy, joined the business and became an active partner helping Rose design and make hats.

You are about to see some of the hats made by Farrell and Eddy’s, along with a collection of hat pins.

Here are some photographs of the Farrells and Anna Eddy. Anna is wearing one of the hats sister Rose made for her in 1918.