We invite an understanding of our past, appreciation of the present as we move into our future.

Our Historical Society celebrates the lives, hard work and perseverance of those who lived here before us.

Respectfully collected and preserved, our archives are a personalized history of our area and range from handmade tools and food gathering supplies, woven cloths or musical instruments and toys.  It is a rich blending, reflecting the tools of survival and pleasant social times. It speaks of good will and collaboration with the original native populations and the newcomers who arrived to settled in the mid nineteenth century and beyond.

We are entering the next phase of educating our community and region by reaching out to schools, colleges and researchers. Our treasures are displayed both openly and many are stored carefully for gentle preservation.

Our educational focus for the future is to integrate technology with our archives for more convenient access and viewing.

About the Porcupine Quill Basket