The recent development of a new Museum landscape plan created the perfect opportunity to expand and enrich our storytelling, art displays and community events. To meet this goal, the idea of building an onsite structure inspired by a Native American Plank House crystallized.

Working with a local architect, our vision is to build a community space inspired by our rich, Native American heritage in the Camas Washougal area. The Two Rivers Heritage Museum Gathering Place at Washuxwal will stand as a monument to the native people, who lived in similar plank houses that once stood here along the Columbia River.



The open structure pavilion will be reminiscent of the Native American cedar plank houses that were once in the area. It will serve as an outdoor exhibit, that will not only be used to host cultural and community events and field trips, but will also educate its visitors about life along the Columbia River when European explorers ventured along its banks.

We’d like to capture a sense of the history of the Columbia River, which was the main highway for Native Americans and later Europeans to conduct trade.

The Two Rivers Heritage Museum is a volunteer-run organization. Donating thousands of hours to operate the museum, our dedicated volunteers carry the vision and passion of the Museum. Now, they are seeking community financial support for the Gathering Place at Washuxwal project.

Benefits of this project to the Camas Washougal area will include:

  • A space for sharing the untold stories in our Collection
  • Increased visibility for the Museum and its offerings
  • Additional community events space
  • A new landmark visible from Highway 14
  • A new cultural draw for history enthusiasts
  • A beautiful space to host school field trips and tours

Learn how to get involved by contacting CWHS President, Jim Cobb at 360-835-5449.

Be a part of this exciting project! Funding rests with a combination of gifts from CWHS membership, and local community as well as grants and corporate giving. Share in the excitement and help make this vision a reality with your financial support.

The Camas Washougal Historical Society is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit founded in 1978. Our mission is to research and preserve the history of Camas and Washougal, WA for the public. We collect, research, preserve and make available historical data, oral histories, artifacts, and documents that tell the story of the Camas and Washougal area of Clark County, Washington, U.S.A.

To realize this mission, the Society created the Two Rivers Heritage Museum in Washougal, WA. It has been at its current location since 1996. The Museum has an extensive collection of artifacts, oral histories, family and business records, photographs, and early land claims