Our Programs

We invite an understanding of our past, appreciation of the present as we move into our future. Our Historical Society celebrates the lives, hard work and perseverance of those who lived here before us. Respectfully collected and preserved, our archives are a personalized history of our area and range from handmade tools and food gathering supplies, woven cloths or musical instruments and toys.

A 1940 photo of downtown Camas, Washington


The Two Rivers Heritage Museum has a research room containing business and industry records, (pioneer) family histories, newspaper clippings and archived copies of the local newspaper, cemetery and funeral records, and thousands of photographs. Contact us if you would like to do some research on your family or other people who lived in the area.


We are entering the next phase of educating our community and region by reaching out to schools, colleges and researchers. It speaks of good will and collaboration with the original native populations and the newcomers who arrived to settled in the mid nineteenth century and beyond.

Volunteer Alma Ladd explaining local medical artifacts and stories
A loom in the Two Rivers Heritage Museum


The Two Rivers Heritage Museum’s collections continue to grow thanks to the generosity of residents and past residents.  Do you have artifacts or historic photos, home movies, products by Camas-Washougal authors or artists, any item that might contribute to a current or future understanding of Camas-Washougal culture? Use this form to prepare your donation for accessioning.

Help us preserve and share the history of our home.