The Gathering Place

About the Gathering Place

The Gathering Place at Washuxwal is a new community space which celebrates the area’s rich Native American Indian history.

The open pavilion is located on the south side of the Two Rivers Heritage Museum.  Its design is based on the traditional cedar plank houses used by Native American tribes who called the Columbia River area home.  It features Native-inspired wood carvings crafted by local artists and interpretive signage that tells the stories of our area’s indigenous heritage.

True to its name and intent, the Gathering Place will play host to a variety of interesting educational programs, as well as CWHS meetings and events. 

Camas-Washougal Historical Society
The Gathering Place at Washuxwal Donations for IN NAME OF, IN MEMORY OF, IN HONOR OF, IN KIND FAIR VALUE AND GRANTS
September 2017 to July 2021

Sponsor- $10,000+

Chester and Marion Beals Memorial Fund
Camas Washougal Historical Society
City of Washougal Lodging Tax
Norman C. Danielson Foundation
George W. & Phyllis E. Hutchinson Estate
Phyllis E. Hutchinson Estate
Kind Heart Free Spirit Foundation
Lewallen Architecture, LLC
Lewallen Build, LLC
The Honorable Frank L. and Arlene G. Price Foundation
The Smead Family Fund 

VISIONARY- $5 K to $9,999

Jim & Lois Cobb
Johnson Bixby & Associates
Gracia Ough Jones
Carol Phillips
Ronald W. Phillips
Tidland Family Historical Fund 

BUILDER- $2.5 K to $4,999

Camas-Washougal Community Chest
J & S Bishop Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation
Rene’ Carroll
Robert L. Jensvold
Richard & Karen Johnson
William Smead

SUSTAINER- $1 K to $2,499

Able Hands Construction, LLC
Arborscape Ltg, Inc.
Paul S. Baz
Steve & Colleen Daniels
Ron & Dorothy Durkee
Walt & Pauline Eby
Engelsen Homestead & Family
Jason Ferrier
GK & Lynn Bash Griffith
Kathy & Dan Huntington
Cheryl Lamb
Douglas Macy
MD Structural Engineering, Inc.
Meyer Concrete LLC
Minister-Glaeser Surveying Inc.
Simms Electric LLC
Jesse Trask
Troffer Contracting, Inc. 

SUPPORTER- $500 to $999

Bob & Maxine Ambrose
Archaeological Investigations NW
The Barrett Family
Columbia Litho
Bob Connon & Kin Lan Simmons-Connon
ERS Excavator Rental Services
Curtis Hughey
Grant & Carol Jones
Betty London
Jo Reese & John Fagan
Richard J Ross

FRIEND – Up to $499

C. Abrahamse
Anonymous (7)
Barbara and Ron Baldus
Bob & Jo Behar
Megan Bramfield
Judy L. Brown
Marilyn Brown
Marlene & Martin Burrows
Dorothy & Fred Cormack
Molly L Coston
Judy A. Davis
David & Carol Dykstra
Betty A. Egger
Bernice M. Englund
Jackie Faley
Fern Prairie Modelers Club
Friends of Cedar Creek Grist Mill
Paul & Cathy Greenlee
Philip R. Harris
Nan Henriksen
Mary & Steve Hogan
Lea Hornbeck
Joe’s Stump Grinding
Kartr Johnson
Bob, Bentley, Blake, Tegan & Conor Jones
John & Millie Knapp
Ray & Jim Kelley
Lisa Khulman
Alison Lewell
Loretta, Natalie and Louis Lindner
Richard & Diane Lindstrom
The Luthy Family
Duane Markel & Laura Liggett
Brian & Cooki McClatchie
Dwain Mills
Evelyn Louise Mingus
Paulson Dyra & Company, CPAs
George F. Pollock Jr.
George & Gail Pollock
David Purcell
Cynthia Purdy
Melanie & Curtis Randy
Rebecca Roberts
Cheri Shaw
Otto & Winnie (Fletcher) Scherpf
Lindell and Daris Smith
Mary Stefan
Michael Taylor
Mike & Kellee Taylor
Team Treacy Real Estate
Wager Audio
Bob & Judy Whetzel


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